Evelyn Harrowfield (Wishful thinking)

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Evelyn Harrowfield (Wishful thinking)

Post by RedKnight on Sun Jul 12, 2015 12:29 am


Name:  Evelyn Harrowfield
Age: 29
Former Occupation: Special weapons and tactics team member of the cities law enforcement


A former Member of the Cities no longer existing SWAT team, Eve learned about the infected through trial by fire, being sent in to stop the riots ended in moments, and the heavily armed team was soon running like babes from wolves, ammo spent and spirits broken at the inhuman foes, she was never the captain, but when the man's intestines were being eaten by raging freaks nobody really gave a shit who called the shots anymore, and the team lasted only a few minutes together before enough of them died to reduce the squad to only 3 people, who where all wise enough to piled back into the armoured van and drive.

They made it as far as the thing would carry them, the bloody and battered transport getting them to the outer reaches of the place, where the last of them holed up inside the training course they knew so well, it was hardly the most secure location, but there was food, a few fences and it was far enough from the main area to give them less trouble. Issues rolled in day one however, they had barely any munitions left, and the last of it was spent dealing with any stragglers as the days went by, one of the surviving three getting bit, and they lacked the supplies to fix him up, agreeing to put him out of the pain in his sleep, leaving only the two left, and the more supplies ran dry, the less her friend felt inclined to stay, telling her he was going to look for help in the city, and never returning, leaving her there to develop a building sense of misery as the days ticked by and the food ran out, forcing the ammo lacking former officer out in search of supplies, it worked on humans as a threat, but the crazies didn't give a shit.

7 SP (Stamina Points)
3 AP (Armor Points)
1 SS (Scavenging Skills)
3 FP (Firearm Points)
1 MP (Melee Points)


Unrequited Revenge

No guts, no glory!

UMP 45 (1 Clip) [2d6; 1d6; 5,6; +Autofire
=Flashlight (Empty)

Swat uniform: Lots of pockets and padding at the knees and such + ballistics armour.



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