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Name of the Place: Old abandoned Warehouse

Owners with Access:  Evelyn Harrowfield, Other nameless team member who may or may not be dead.

Brief Description

A fairly large storage warehouse long since abandoned on the outskirts of the city in the industrial area very few windows still have glass in them and graffiti covers a fair few of the walls, there is a large and open first floor, two garage like doors on either side of the building, and a locked regular access door on the side, the key is lost however, and it would need to be kicked down. The first floor is currently home to the Swat van, which is used as a shelter due to the overall safety of the thing, upstairs an office like room can be found in which the old manager/boss would reside, a no longer functioning and dirty fridge among other things, aswell as the previous cold storage room that lacks windows and has a single metal door that can be locked from the outside, the third and final room being quite large, storage for the below and no longer used work floor, leaving both of them quite empty.

The Swat Van has no fuel right now, probably won't for quite some time

Residential Zone: 0%
Commercial Zone: 20%
Industrial Zone: 80%

-Armoured van, building is dysfunctional, it's main defence is the heavier doors and how far from the main city centre it is.

Stored Items
- x1 Scrap
- x2 Food
- x1 Ammunition

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