Main Resources in the Apocalypse

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Main Resources in the Apocalypse

Post by GreenKnight1294 on Sat Jul 04, 2015 5:32 am

One day worth of edible and nutritious food of a flavored type.

Broken furniture, electronics, metal. Creative writing can do wonders for you in this regard, for with lots of free time and knowledge you can forge homemade weapons with these, fortifications and traps. Ask game masters for approval on any building project and they'll approve it and explain how much game-time it will take in hours. If it's a big project, staying at the base and or getting help from other survivors can speed it up tremendously.

Weapons & Equipment
Will be described by moderators when obtained or forged. Equipment can vary, but in most cases it won't have a proper attack score and it will take space on inventory. Worn items are usually inherent with the survivor's armor, so most of these cannot be forged.

Powered replacements (working batteries) or fuel, 1 day's worth for a generator or any electronic device's consumption. Overusing both can increase the cost on fuel and batteries in the long term (for example, but not limited to, using air conditioner with the generators).

The ones required for about any gun out there in the apocalypse. If you run out of ammo for your 9mm pistol and someone you know has a 45acp sub-machine gun he'll probably have some of yours to spare. They can be interchangeable between weapons for simplicity, but some weapons are notably more consuming than others.

Medical Supplies
Resources used by survivors to heal themselves in times of need. They can restore up to 6 point of their stamina, but can only be used properly on safe locations, and only once per day per survivor.

Any other item not included here can be freely produced in flavor roleplay by the survivors, such as matches or lighters (not nails or construction materials, which count as scrap). These don't have to be listed on the character sheet.

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