Chris Raymond

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Chris Raymond

Post by GreenKnight1294 on Mon Jul 06, 2015 5:19 am

Chris Raymond
Extra Picture:

Age: 26
Former Occupation: Medical Detective

Already with some years of experience in the medical industry, Chris was employed by a public health association, working as a Biomedical Engineer to help on the research and implementation of new medical products. About a week before it all went to hell he was investigating a particular case in the profitability of an upgrade of hospital beds. The investigation soon came to a permanent halt when an unknown pandemic struck and all the hospitals were put under quarantine, which gave him some indefinite vacations.

7 SP (Stamina Points)
2 AP (Armor Points)
2 SS (Street Smarts)
2 FP (Firearm Points)
2 MP (Melee Points)


  • Paramedic
  • Adrenaline Addict


  • Hunting SKS Rifle [1d6; 1d6; 5,6; +Sniper]


  • None

Chris Raymond

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