Moderators and Narrators

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Moderators and Narrators

Post by GreenKnight1294 on Sat Jul 04, 2015 6:13 pm

Moderators have the job of making up facts within reason. They have to post on survivor threads and define the mechanical aspect of the roleplay with it.

These are the tasks a Moderator has to perform:

  • They must specify the amount of time a survivor has employed finishing an action, such as travelling, building something, etc.
  • They must describe the challenges a survivor will find ahead on his travels: the amount of zombies (which in rare cases may be partially unknown), the main characteristics of the area they're exploring, all taking into account the surroundings of their character. Or, if they consider, stating that the character is unable to find a proper location for what he's looking for. Survivors may also choose to explore areas they've seen before, but the circumstances will not always be the same.
  • They have to list a reward to clearing out places according to the difficulty of the challenge. Bigger areas will carry more reward, but also more zombies.
  • They can approve a survivor's construction plan and tell them that they found a way to make it work. If they choose to do so at any time, they also have to let them know what resources they're missing and how much time it would take.
  • They can approve characters and assign mechanics to their items and the ones these find during their travels.

Narrators have the job of announcing events and storytelling the story of the characters when they're exploring or engaged in an aforementioned event. They can spice up the roleplay story and handle all the non-mechanical aspects of it at will. Events may vary from finding other survivors during the day, to defending a base from a certain occurrence. They must always operate within reason and work in conjunction with moderators.

These are the tasks a Narrator has to perform:

  • They must roleplay the environment as a character interacts with it, freely including flavor elements to increase the inmersion, such as describing a dark, eerie ambience or forcing the player through a more dangerous approach to a certain location. Puzzle solving is usually a good idea in this regard.
  • They must roleplay the character's enemies whenever they or the characters choose a non-standart form of combat, such as escaping.
  • They can, at any time, choose to engage a player character in a form of roleplay that doesn't involve standart combat, but it still may, with a moderator's consent, still end in mechanical results. For example, roleplayed fights between survivors.
  • They must roleplay any character they come up with for a special event.
  • They can engage one or several characters in an event and, with a moderator's consent, force them to participate. Finding zombies on your way back home and the ocassional survivor getting eaten is very welcomed in this area.

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