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Weapon Encyclopedia

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Weapon Stats Examples

Baseball Bat [1d6; 5,6; +knockdown]
Name [attack roll; kills on these numbers; weapon abilities]

For weapons with ammunition rolls, an extra stat will be added besides the attack
Beretta 92F [1d6; 1d6; 5,6; +Dual Wield +Double Tap]
Name [attack roll; ammunition roll; kills on these numbers; weapon abilities]

If a certain weapon or attachment runs out, it should be noted in parenthesis after the name as (Empty). Here's an example:

Hunting SKS Rifle (Empty) [1d6; 1d6; 5,6; +Sniper]
Name [attack roll; ammunition roll; kills on these numbers; weapon abilities]

If a certain weapon has an attachment or accessory, they will be included in a line underneath, as in the following example:

UMP 45 [2d6; 1d6; 5,6; +Autofire]

-Blunt weapons
-Slashing weapons
-Piercing weapons

-Submachine guns
-Explosive launchers
-Handheld explosives

-Manually activated
-Automated or triggered

Weapon Abilities
You can use a weapon point during combat to activate one of the following abilities:

+Autofire: You roll double your weapon's attack dice, but it automatically empties the clip of your gun.
+Defensive: Grants an extra Armor point.
+Doubletap: Add 1d6 to the attack roll, but also roll one extra d6 for ammunition for that weapon.
+Dual-Wield: Can use two weapons instead of one.
+Gas Powered: If you roll a 1 on an ammo roll, the weapon runs out of gas. You must spend one action in the bunker to refill.
+Knockdown: Leave a zombie prone and unable to attack for a turn.
+Sniper: When you Focus Attack, lower the number needed for a success by one on all the dice rolled, effectively raising your chances of a kill by 0.156 in every dice.
+Upgradeable: Spend one scrap resource to termporarily enhance this weapon.
+Z-Cleave: A single success with this weapon kills two zombies.
+Explosive: The weapon is lost after usage and cannot be recharged. All damage dealt applies to the explosion radius and divided between zombies, with an extra 2d6 for each survivor captured within it.
+Counter Attack: Kill a single zombie on a successful defense roll.
+Light Weight: Does not take space in your inventory.

Weapon Modifications or Attachments
The following is a list of player-requested modifications for guns.

=Flashlight: Allows the user to use their gun like a flashlight for roleplay purposes. It consumes batteries as usual.
=Nails: One of many possible weapon modifications out there in the apocalypse.
=Double Barrel: One of many possible weapon upgrades out there in the apocalypse. Often limits the gun's ammo capacity.

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