Exploration Mechanics and Times of the Day

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Exploration Mechanics and Times of the Day

Post by GreenKnight1294 on Sat Jul 04, 2015 3:58 am

Day Time

Most survivors use this time to head out of the comfort of their base because they can avoid the zombies on the streets more easily. To explore an area all you have to do is make an exploration thread explaining what your character is trying to find. From there, he may or may not find locations which contain such things. The narrower the search, the more chances they'll have of finding what they're looking for. For example, if they're looking for powered resources, they might find a gas station with fuel instead of batteries. Events may happen mostly during this time since the survivors are more vulnerable.

Night Time

The infected, having augmented senses, don't depend on their sight and are at a huge advantage while in night time, rendering the survivors unable to assess certain situations like counting their numbers or finding appropiate escape routes with the city turned a dark nightmare. That's why most survivors use this time to fortify their bases and or sleep. Night time lasts about 10 hours, from 7pm to 5am. You may write threads in this subforum to have your character fortify their base and or forge items. You can propose building projects either in this area (for general approval) or privately from a certain moderator.

Free Time

Survivors can freely roleplay in additional Free Time threads to develop their characters or hang out in their base or in safe, cleared out locations. Events can still happen during this time, but rarely.

Threads can be posted in any sub-forum, but a character may only be in one event at a time (free time roleplay isn't counted as an event) and there must be continuity within them, time-wise. You may categorize threads with these [tags] at the end of the title:
Searching for x Resources [Exploration Thread]
Designing a Building Project [Construction Thread]
Roleplay with x Person [Free Thread]

Searching Big vs Small

Bigger areas, such as the extreme case of malls and its surroundings, will be bound to have many, many zombies inside besides about anything a survivor would need. Meanwhile, smaller places such as grocery stores or small pharmacies will have less resources, less variety, but will also be much safer, as it's likely not a lot of people will have died there. In areas with less density it will also be less likely to find infected roaming the streets.

Additional Notes:
If left alone in an exhausted state, your survivor will be unable to move from one location to another for a period of 2 hours, in which they will regain one SP. Being exhausted means your survivor won't be able to travel without help and won't be able to engage in battle. If he is to enter combat alone in this state, he will get bitten and die.
Survivors can carry 5 items at all times, including the ones they bring in their inventory, which will mostly consist of weapons and or important gear. They have to travel back to their base or leave items somewhere if they want to make more space.

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