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Bethany Castillo

Post by mutanttaco on Fri Aug 14, 2015 7:39 pm

Name: Bethany Castillo
Age: 19
Former Occupation: University Student

   Beth was surrounded by animals all her life and grew to care deeply for them. She decided in middle school she wanted to be a veterinary physician, and through out high school studied hard to become one of the top students in her class while also sacrificing huge amounts of her time volunteering at a local animal shelter. She grew to be very patient, and was ready to quickly adapt when it came to caring for the myriad of animals that came and left the shelter. Due to this she wasn't able to have a prominent social life leading her to unintentionally grow distant towards people and hesitates to trust anyone. Despite this she always tries her best to have a positive outlook on everything, and when she got her acceptance letter to Paradise City University all her hard work and dedication paid off. While she was new and alone in Paradise City, it didn't bother her and she quickly signed up be an intern at a nearby animal shelter.
She began to love one of the animals there named "Collie" an Australian Cattle dog. The shelter had a strict policy where if an animal wasn't adopted within the week, they would be forced to euthanize it. Beth wanted to adopt him but was in an awkward predicament to do so. She was able to make an agreement and the dog was allowed to stay in the shelter but was Beth's full responsibility. It's been a year now and she's settled in an apartment in Paradise City so Collie could finally stay with her. That's when the outbreak started, and while everyone was busy evacuating, she needed to rush to pick up Collie first. They were reunited, but amidst the chaos it was too late to leave. She was left stranded, with no experience to defend herself in the apocalypse.

8 SP (Stamina Points)
1 AP (Armor Points)
4 SS (Scavenging Skills)
1 FP (Firearm Points)
1 MP (Melee Points)



Points spent:
+2 SP
+1 AP
+3 SS
+ Scavenger
+ Nursing

Collie (1d6; 6; +Light Weight)

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