Infection, Battle Damage and Starvation

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Infection, Battle Damage and Starvation

Post by GreenKnight1294 on Fri Jul 03, 2015 6:15 pm

Infection and Bites

If your suvivor's stamina reaches zero and they're forced to take stamina damage again, they are unable to defend themselves from a bite. They can substract a full dice from a total of damage in an attack and become bitten. Adrenaline and panic fear sets in, which gives the survivor half his stamina points back (rounded up). If the survivor gets attacked again, they become exhausted and cannot move from the location or battle without help. Exhausted survivors may still help carry items

Past this point, according to studies, the survivor has merely 12 hours of game time until the symptoms kick in and coma kills them off. When in coma, it takes only a few minutes for him to awaken. If bitten multiple times, their survival time is halved once per wound. A narrator will tell exactly when the character starts feeling the illness.

Natural Healing and Recovery

After each passing day, a well fed survivor will regain full stamina overnight (unless they have semi-permanent damage), along with all their abilities and the maximum of adrenaline points.

Semi-Permanent Damage Chart

Depending on the pain and lasting damage, some attacks will hinder your stamina for a few days. They recover at the rate of one sealed point of stamina every 3 days if well fed. Semi-permanent damage is stackable and may render a survivor exhausted for several days if they can't regain stamina. Additionally, semi-permanent damage may go on negative numbers. Only narrators are allowed to hand out these types of damage in special circumstances.

Common disease - 1 point
Twisted joint - 1 point
Bullet wound - 2 points
Major bullet wound - 3 points
Strong disease, infection with fever - 4 points
Broken minor bone - 4 points
Partially severed limb - 4 points
Severed limb - 5 points
Broken major bone - 5 points

Depending on the damage, a narrator may or may not rule out the possiblity of the character being able to fight and stay with 1SP total, thus unable to receive more semi-permanent damage. Such exceptions will be pointed out and can be asked by the players.

Starvation Penalties

Survivors have to eat daily to regain their energy and sustain themselves, at least twice a day at any given time from a single food resource. They can bring their lunch into a scouting mission or eat back at base and in either case, partial food resources won't take space in their inventory (it's all flavor roleplay). A survivor who hasn't eaten apropiately during one given day will have the following penalties overnight:

  • Natural Healing is reduced to 2 stamina overnight and only medical resources may bring the survivor's energy back.
  • Adrenaline points are not regained
  • Three points of stamina are permanently drained until the penalty is removed (they can't be recovered), stackable with semi-permanent damage
  • Street Smats is reduced by one point
  • Armor is reduced by one point, if any
  • One point is substracted from Firearms Points
  • One point is substracted from Melee Points
  • Recovery of semi-permanent damage is halted
  • Can't spend time on projects, such as fortifying the base and forging items until fed

If a survivor doesn't eat for 5 days, their stamina is reduced to zero and they fall in a state of permanent exhaustion until fed, which means they won't travel without help. If they remain that way for 2 more days, they die. If they eat, all the penalties are removed the following day, along with the 3 points of semi-permanent stamina drain.

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