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Johnny (WIP)

Post by Magnustexaco on Tue Aug 11, 2015 4:26 pm

NAME: Johnny Williams
AGE: 27
FORMER OCCUPATION: Lumberjack/Carpenter


Before the outbreak, Johnny was just the average Lumberjack working on minimum wage with 10 hour work days. He is very good at using his axe and his chainsaw, with little effort he can take down trees rather quickly, even with an axe (if that will ever be needed). Only weeks before the outbreak, he quit his job and moved to the family farm after his parents died in a car accident. Johnny spent his time working the fields with his tractor and from time to time he went hunting for crows, red fox etc.

Farm: His farm is in the middle of nowhere surrounded by mountains and forests which contains numerous wild animals. The only way to get to his farm is by a small road with tracks of tractor wheels and grass between the tracks and around it. The trees cast a shadow upon the road and is too bumpy and overgrown for anything but small tractors (like the John Deere 1040 he has) and pickup trucks. After the outbreak, he put up cameras into the trees overwatching the road. If one were to walk from one end to another, it would take 2-3 days as the road goes up and down and around the base of a mountian. 6-8 hours with tractor as the road is even and not as bumpy as many other roads may be. He also has a pickip for longer travels.


7 SP (Stamina Points)
1 AP (Armor Points)
2 SS (Scavenging Skills)
4 FP (Firearm Points)
2 MP (Melee Points)


You'll Shoot Your Eyes Out

Points set:
+1 SP
+1 AP
+1 SS
+3 FP
+1 MP¨

Inventory: Remington Whitmore Model 1889 (1d6; 2d6; 5,6; +Z-Cleave)
=Double barrel

Base: His farm.

Storage: His animals (15 in total), water from the spring, stored water and the river coming down from the mountain and straight across his fields, tobacco from his tobacco plants. (Just a small amount of tobacco plants).


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