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Fredrick Chett

Post by Eaglesaworb on Fri Aug 07, 2015 7:23 am

Name: Fredrick Chett
Age: 27
Former Occupation: Soldier


Fred didn't have much in is life before he joined the British military at the age of 23. He lived basic when he was a child in the southern England where he grew up in the countryside. Fred did relatively well in school and went to university in London where he got a Graduate Certificate in International Security. Bored with his normal life working part time in a London embassy and fed up with the lack of fully paid jobs available in his field he joined he joined the Royal Marine Commandos. After a year of training in the arts of sea and land warfare he first went to battle. He did his first tour in Afghanistan and was promoted to Sergeant when he successfully took control of a bleak situation when his squad was ambushed. After his second tour his initial service time ran out and he wanted to go home to his family, but he still decided to pass on into the reserves. As a token of gratitude his platoon leader let him keep his equipment to remind him of friends he made in the marines, (although he couldn't take his rifle home). When Fred got home he discovered his family dead, lying on the floor of his house without an obvious cause of death. When a significant police investigation took place in was discovered that his parents bodies were a week old when he found them and that they died because they ate poisoned fruit. The killer was never found nor could the police find any motive for anyone to kill Fred's parents. He moved to Paradise Falls eager to escape from what he experienced while he was a soldier and the grief of his parent's deaths. Once in paradise falls he found a hunting club in a nearby town where he could buy a new rifle. Not long after he arrived he was forced to witness and survive an event more horrific than any battle. Now in his old uniform and equipment he must survive.

7 SP
1 AP
3 SS
4 FP
1 MP


-Rain of Fire!

Points spent:
+Rain of Fire!


Mk17 SCAR-H (2 Mags) [1d6; 1d6; 5,6; +Sniper]
British Military Equipment- Vitrus webbing and backpack (pockets, padding), British DPM pattern uniform.

Lightly Fortified House

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