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Event Guidelines

Post by GreenKnight1294 on Mon Aug 03, 2015 2:08 pm

Players can host their own events at will, and will be given permission if they desire to have full control over what happens, as long as they attain to the respective rules of the forum.

  • You may list the requirements for players to have a safe trip as a way to indicate difficulty, and key story elements such as raiders, sudden hordes, vehicles or anything else the characters might find in their way. Some things may still be left out as a surprise as long as they're not the focus, however; for example, in a thread about survivors, you could find some in their last breath surrounded by a surprise horde that will end up chasing the characters.
  • A player may not participate in other events while applying to a thread in this subforum unless otherwise ruled by a moderator.
  • You may request a certain event from a moderator by creating a thread in this subforum.
  • Only characters that are together may join an event at one given time unless otherwise ruled by a moderator, which would be specified on the post. Whatever team joins first gets to play on the event if this rule applies.
  • A player may host an event where their own character participates if and only if two following two conditions are fulfilled: 1)Said player's character isn't the only one participating. 2)A moderator (or another in case it's needed) agrees to look over the event.

Be careful when joining events, moderators may post disguised traps or situations of extreme danger of their own free will. Your characters aren't protected from death in any of these. However, rewards may be given for undertaking risks in most circumstances.

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