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Character Creation

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Your survivor receives 8 Fate Points to spend on character creation to reflect his/her build and circumstances, aka what has allowed them to reach this far into the apocalypse besides pure luck. You may spend these into having better stats and learning useful abilities. Additionally, each survivor is automatically granted a small weapon that fits their stated background, as well as a single safe-house (depending on their starting conditions) and a small cache of supplies. To request a specific weapon, you must first send a private message and discuss it privately with the moderator tasked with critiquing your profile.

The supplies your character automatically receives at the start of the game are as follows;

  • x1 Scrap
  • x2 Food
  • x1 Fuel/batteries (alternatively, 1x Ammunition)

Additionally, their starting base receives a fortification of "Boarded doors and windows" provided they were able to stay secured there with resources when the outbreak started. In the same private message from before, include your idea of how your character survived the first dark days of the apocalypse (whether locked at home or securing a cafeteria in a corner of the street) to ascertain whether you'll need to fill up an additional sheet or not. Some areas may not be counted as a bunker, and won't need a sheet made for them.

Your character may acquire additional bases through exploration. These must be added to the sheet whenever they are secured, and subtracted if they are ever overwhelmed or destroyed.

The fields a player is required to fill out during character creation are outlined below, and have been filled out with an example profile to give new players an idea of what a completed sheet ought to look like.

Example Sheet

Name: John Doe
Age: 28
Former Occupation: Construction Worker


Your average Joe who happened to be a construction worker. Don't worry about his story, he'll die on day 1 and you'll never hear of him again.

7 SP (Stamina Points)
2 AP (Armor Points)
2 SS (Scavenging Skills)
1 FP (Firearm Points)
3 MP (Melee Points)


-Karate Kid

Points spent:


Wooden Baseball Bat [1d6; 5,6; +Knockdown]

Bases (Only When Applicable)
Aunt's House

Character Statistics

The following is the set of base statistics you can spend points on to further improve. You cannot reduce a number below zero, nor can you put any more than three of your starting fate points into improving any single statistic.

6 SP (Stamina Points)
0 AP (Armor Points)
1 SS (Scavenging Skills)
1 FP (Firearm Points)
1 MP (Melee Points)

Stamina Points reflect your character's durability and provides them with a reserve of energy to avoid getting bitten.
Armor Points reflect your character's cunning and ability to struggle, each subtracting a single point of damage from every successful zombie attack.
Scavenging Skills help when taking a Scavenger Check, which are used when finding extra supplies when looting and sneaking past enemies.
Firearm Points are spent when using abilities related to the operation of various firearms. They 'recharge' at the start of each new day.
Melee Points are spent when using melee related abilities. Like Firearm Points, they are recharged at the beginning of a new day.

Scavenger Checks

Scavenger Checks involve the survivor rolling one dice per each Scavenging Skills Point. Successes are only obtaining a 5 or 6. In some actions it matters how many successes you obtain while in some others you only require to get at least one success.

Character Abilities

Each of the following can be obtained for the cost of 1 Fate Point. Several can be bought, but each ability means less base stats for your character, so keep a wise balance. Unless stated otherwise, each of these abilities may be used once per day.

Escapist: By using one point of adrenaline you can ignore the attacks of all zombies during one escape.

Luck: Your attacks have a tendency to be unnaturally accurate, as though some higher power is guiding them to the choicest and squishiest parts of an enemy's body. You may re-roll any one attack you make against a foe, giving you an extra chance to score a hit.

Cook: You can just make the most out of any ingredients put before you, and can more easily tell between what is safe and unsafe to eat. This lets you double the value of a single food resource, feeding two people with it instead of just one.

Nursing: Past experience in the medical industry allows you to heal yourself or other survivors for an extra 1d6 and a point of semi-permanent damage using medical resources while at the base. You may use this ability twice per day.

No Guts, No Glory!: With a ferocious surge of willpower, you declare that you will not die this day! Add a 3d6 to your defense roll.

Hoarder: If you end up on a situation with no food, you can find an extra food resource in the depths of your backpack that you overlooked earlier. You're just that good at hoarding. You may use this ability three times per week.

Unrequited Revenge: These monsters took everything from you; your home, your friends, your family. Now it's their turn! When using this ability, you may instantly kill any one zombie that you have just made a successful defense roll against.

Engineer: Medics medicate sick things, engineers engineer engineerable things; that's the way the world works and you aren't about to question it. You can use any one scrap resource as though it were two for the purposes of constructing makeshift fortifications or barricades.

Paramedic: When you heal things, you heal things stat! When spending a healing resource to heal yourself or a teammate, roll a d6. If the result is equal to or lower than your Scavenging Skill, the resource is not wasted. Additionally, you can heal one point of semi-permanent damage.

Drifter: You aren't naturally inclined to linger in one place for too long, and tend to gravitate towards the rougher side of town. Being kicked out of enough seedy bars helped you learn the hard way how to hit a man so that he feels it. Add 2d6 to any one attack roll.

Inspire Others: You're just naturally charismatic! Your voice is always heard above the din of a pitched battle, bringing courage to your allies and striking fear into the hearts of your enemies. You may add 1d6 to the next attack roll of any ally within hearing distance. This ability does not affect you, personally.

Wild Card: Nobody can tell exactly what you're going to do next, and this unpredictability is what gives you an edge. When you or anybody else rolls a die whose outcome affects you personally in a positive or negative fashion and the result is either a 1 or a 6, you may swap it for the other number.

Scavenger: 'Get out of here, Stalker!' is a cry you've become unnervingly familiar with over the past few weeks. When scavenging for resources, you may find one additional resource of your choice, so long as it is logical for the location in question.

You'll Shoot Your Eyes Out: Accuracy? Shmacuracy!! When you want a bullet to hit, you don't waste time aiming, you just unload in the general direction of your target and hope for the best! You may add 4d6 to any firearms attack made with automatic or semi-automatic weapons, but if you roll snake eyes, you waste the rest of your magazine regardless of whether or not you actually hit the target. Please don't use this with an M249, that's just embarrassing.

Mental Immunity: When panic or resignation would grip other people, you just feel a grim determination to live another day. When a zombie rolls a 6 against you in an attack roll, you may ignore that roll when calculating the results.

Rain of Fire!: Anybody can shoot a gun, but only the truly experienced can enter the almost zen-like state of concentration required to land shots at extreme distances or under conditions nobody else could. Maybe you were in the military, or you just enjoyed your second amendment rights a little bit more than what most people would consider healthy. Regardless of the reason, you can lower the number required to land an attack with a firearm by one per Firearms Point spent on it. You can use this ability twice a day, and it stacks.

Rise up in Arms!: Batter Up! For reasons best kept hidden from a psychologist, you like to hit things, hard. You can lower the number required to land an attack with a melee weapon by one per Melee Point spent on it. You can use this ability twice a day, and it stacks.

Scrounger: You can find uses for junk that astonishes and occasionally embarrasses other people. When using a Scrap resource at a base, roll a d6. If the result is equal or lower than your Scavenging Skill, the resource is not wasted.

Karate Kid: Clutching your signed collection of Naruto manga in one greasy hand, you approached the door of your local dojo with trepidation. After the other students had finished laughing at you, your instructor took you aside and explained politely that real martial arts just doesn't work that way. As upsetting as it was to you at the time, you rallied magnificently and set about becoming a real man. Now you can perform unarmed attacks with a success on a 5 or a 6, just like a regular melee weapon. Additionally, you can spend a melee point to increase your attack by an extra d6.

Adrenaline Addict: You just can't get enough of a thrill, and excitement gives you a special buzz, especially if it happens to be life-threatening. You may add one extra point to your adrenaline score. This ability may be purchased up to two times.

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