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David Vanhovic

Post by Lone Wanderer on Sun Aug 02, 2015 5:13 am

Name: David Vanhovic
Age: 27
Former Occupation: Hunter


David Vanhovic grew up in a small isolated village, living a simple life with his large family. Since he was the eldest of the six children he would have to go hunting for more food with his father and the family dog named Light, Light would help us track animals quicker. After spending most of his life in the village, he grew tired of it he decided to go camping for a couple of days by himself, but everything changed when he came home to a empty and deserted village. After searching his home David found a note on his bed left by his father and mum containing the following Dear David" We had to leave the zone due to a deadly virus, we don't know exactly where we are going but were safe that is all that matters, please find us David  and stay safe." love Mum and dad. After Reading the letter David gathered a few supplies and his M14, nothing was going to stand in his way of finding his family.

David set out to a near by town, hoping that his family might be their but the town was just as abandon as his village until he came a cross a person that didn't look to good. David tried to talk to it from a distance when it started charging towards him, as it got closer he clenched his rifle with fear pointing towards it. David without thinking shoot the person or thing, He took a while to process what just happened but it was getting dark he knew that he had to stay the night at the town after searching the forest nearby the town to set up camp he came across a cabin that was deserted, it looked like a hunter use to live their because of the animal pelts. This made him right at home.

- 6 SP (Stamina Points)
- 1 AP (Armor Points)
- 3 SS (Scavenging Skills)
- 4 FP (Firearm Points)
- 1 MP (Melee Points)


-Rain of Fire!

Points spent:
+Rain of Fire!


M14 Semi-Automatic [1d6; 5,6; +Sniper]


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