Jonas Leicheter

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Jonas Leicheter

Post by AvidElmV2 on Wed Jul 15, 2015 11:49 pm

Name: Jonas Leicheter
Age: 20
Former Occupation: Student


Jonas just so happened to be your rare breed of student. A hard worker, dedicated to the Beta Club, straight A's, spotless record. Every parents dream. Despite this, he wasn't considered a nerd by his peers. In fact, he was very popular, even if he did spend his weekends chugging Redbull and destroying Dragons in Skyrim. By the time he finished Highschool, almost every college in the state was knocking down his door.

After packing his things and saying goodbye to his friends and family, Jonas was off to college, where he planned to major in engineering. Jonas, not wanting to be TOO far away from his friends and family, choose a local college instead of the major ones. He only spent two years there before the outbreak occurred. He watched as his friends died before his eyes as he ran from the school, which was all but crawling with the monster's. Only by luck had he made it out alive. He wandered through the streets, looking for a suitable location to hold up.

7 SP (Stamina Points)
1 AP (Armor Points)
3 SS (Scavenging Skills)
1 FP (Firearm Points)
3 MP (Melee Points)



Points spent:


Wooden Baseball Bat [1d6; 5,6; +Knockdown]

Small House


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