Uncle Joe's Farm

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Uncle Joe's Farm

Post by GreenKnight1294 on Fri Jul 10, 2015 8:20 am

Name of the Place: Uncle Joe's Farm

Owners with Access: None

Brief Description
With a sign reading Uncle Joe at the front of the building, it's small farm plot located in the very outskirts of the capital city of Paradise Falls with a two story, Canadian styled house. The surroundings are calm with a noticeable lack of vegetation. The vicinity is spacious and abundantly empty, several unoccupied plots nearby brimmed with bad weed and. You have to walk a fair amount of distance to reach the more centralized areas of the city.

General Area:

The house has on the first floor a kitchen, a dining room, a guest room, a restroom, a game room and a study with two doors leading to the backyard and the front entrance respectively.

First Floor:

On the second floor it counts with 4 bedrooms and two bathrooms. There's a hidden door further upstairs that leads to the attic.

Second Floor:

Residential Zone: 60%
Commercial Zone: 25%
Industrial Zone: 15%

-Boarded doors and windows

Stored Items
-x1 Scrap
-x1 Fuel

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