Public Information Regarding the "R Virus"

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Public Information Regarding the "R Virus"

Post by GreenKnight1294 on Fri Jul 03, 2015 4:16 am

With the mortality rate of the new worldwide pandemic increasing to almost 80%, scientists made it their top priority to conduct research and publish information on the behavior of the disease in question. The first official press release gave the cause of the pandemic a name; the 'R-Virus' - a name which was cause for much hilarity among those listeners familiar with social media. The results from the initial study of the virus by the World Health Organisation (W.H.O) were shocking, revealing it to work in a very similar fashion to its predecessor; directly invading the host's brain and methodically disrupting regular cortical functions. The biggest and most alarming feature of the new strain was the speed at which it infected its host. Unlike rabies, the life-cycle of R-Virus could be measured hours, with victims frequently succumbing within 12 hours of infection after the initial symptoms.

Lab Notes

After most of the symptoms subside and the host falls into a brief coma in which most non-vital braincells die and fall prey to the virus, they turns back to life with the violent and erratic behavior that depicts a normal rabid patient. That's when the similarities end, for the new virus keeps the host alive for the sole purpose of spreading the infection through saliva and a few other body fluids, characterizing constant restlessness and hunger. Acting prey to instinct and having lost any shred of humanity, along with animals, they seek living prey to feed upon to sustain their lifeless bodies and spread the pandemic.

Interestingly enough, the virus also presents the mutation of other cells. Along with the death of most organs of the body, it preserves the host's shell without the need to eat or breathe for extremely, perhaps unthinkably long periods of time. Most of the unnaffected organs by these changes are muscles, which, not hindered by the nerve system, are now able to produce abnormal amounts of strength. The endocryne system reflects an acute change in behavior as well, most of the glands not directly connected to the hypothalamus die, and the production of hormones such as adrenaline is augmented when the host detects prey. To a similar effect, the host's senses are slightly augmented as what's left of the brain isn't hindered by distractions other than hunting, which also reflects clumsiness and erratic movement on an infected subject.

The main and most important similarity regarding the masses with its previous strain, rabies, is that this virus has no cure. Sadly, no vaccines have been developed for this new strain, and it's even more resistant than its predesesor against common medicine.

Deactivating the connection of the body with the brain is the fastest way of dealing with an infected patient. Other means such as blood loss still work for killing them, albeit extremely slow since the host of the virus can survive on unthinkable circumstances for long periods of time, even with no blood flow or in extremely cold temperatures.


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