The workshop

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The workshop

Post by Bookwormgirl on Mon Jul 06, 2015 2:30 am

Name of the Place: The workshop
Owners with Access: Natalia Volkova
Brief Description:
The workshop, which was going to open Natalia's father. There are two floors here and a simple small basement. All the first floor is one hall, big enough to contain two cars, some tools and a workplace. There are three doors here; one is small and leading to the back of the building and the gates for the cars, leading to the street. Behind third door is a stairs to the second floor. At the second floor much less place, but enough for one worker to stay at night. There are simple room with the old couch, table and two chairs. There are also a small bathroom and something that looks like a storage room. Also at the second floor are three windows. Two of them leading at the street and third at the back of the building, and placed just above the backdoor.

Residential Zone -10%
Commercial Zone - 45%
Industrial Zone - 45%

Stored Items
-x1 Scrap
-x4 food
-x2 Fuel/batteries

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