Tasha (Natalia Volkova)

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Tasha (Natalia Volkova)

Post by Bookwormgirl on Mon Jul 06, 2015 2:28 am

Name: Natalia Volkova
Age: 19
Former Occupation: unoccupied

Natasha Volkova, for friends just "Tasha", is a daughter of former Russian military officer, who was transferred to the reserve after being wounded, unable to be military anymore. Tasha's mother died very soon after her husband was fired, and left her twelve years daughter and her father alone. Soon after it her father started to misuse alcohol. but As a strong man he tried to struggle this his "habit' at least because he wanted to grow his daughter and give to her good education. But he wasn't able to work too much, so their family was quite poor.
Her father tried to find work in few cities, so their family traveled a lot. It helped to Tasha grew up independent and strong willed, but also made her an introverted person. Many times she had to fight and fight back her peers, who was mostly too picky to respect a girl from poor family. No, she isn't strong fighter, but she used to fight for any goods. She grew up as a tomboy.
When she became nineteen her father was invited in another country by his old army friend. And he accepted it. They went to the said country about a half year ago. Tasha's father almost didn't spoke local language, so she was helping him with his plans. Guy, who invited her father here, also borrowed them some money, that with their own loan was enough to buy a workshop. Tasha was walking in their workshop when the world started to go mad. She managed to reach it safe, but there was no one except her. Even her father.
At that time she appeared as slender young woman and was dressed in sneakers, torn blue jeans, pale green tank top and black leather jacket. Her red hair was loose and cut just above her shoulders.

6 SP (Stamina Points)
1 AP (Armor Points)
3 SS (Street Smarts)
1 FP (Firearm Points)
3 MP (Melee Points)

Adrenaline Addict

Baseball bat [1d6; 5,6; +Knockdown]

The workshop

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