Abandoned Pool Club

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Abandoned Pool Club

Post by Kubapajonczek on Sat Jul 04, 2015 7:38 pm

Name of the Place: Abandoned Pool Club

Owners with Access: Kuba DeLoria

Brief Description: Old Greaser hangout in which Kuba and his gang members used to spend time together. The building is old, abandoned pool club - There is main playing room, with wooden floor, bar, two bathrooms with doors on the wall left from bar, two pool tables in the middle of playing room, an old TV behind the bar, stools by the bar and 3 tables with chairs near them by the wall on the opposite side of the bar. The exit door is in the corner behind last table opposite from bar. There is a couch on the corner at the opposite side of bathroom, to the left. There is a door behind bar that leads to staff room. In the staff room there is old mattress with the pillow and blanked on it on the left side from door, table and 2 chairs on the right, desk in front of wall that's on the opposite side of door and armchair behind desk. In the corner near desk, there is a wardrobe, containing some greaser-styled clothes such as jean and leather vests and jackets. One Levi's jean vest belonged to Kuba's deceased friend, Ricky, which Kuba took and kept as memento of his friend. DeLoria and the other Greasers could use this place as their hangout, because it belonged to family of one of the gang members - Dallas. The building is clearly touched by time - stools near bar are rusty, the wallpaper is faded, outworn, scratched and dirty, much like furniture, which is also faded and dirty. Air in the building is musty, but not to the point it'd be hard to breathe. There is also a kitchen with a working fridge, the door to kitchen from playing room is on the wall opposite to bathroom entrance. In the middle of kitchen there are cooking tables with cupboards under them, stove and fridge by the wall on the opposite side of door and more cooking tables with cupboards by the wall near fridge and stove. By the wall right from door there is a sink and garbage bin. Bathroom has white tiled floor, though the tiles's colors faded and some of them are missing. There are working toilets and mirrors in both men's and women's bathroom.
Map of the club:
Residential Zone: 20%
Commercial Zone: 60%
Industrial Zone: 20%


Stored Items
-x1 Scrap
-x2 food
-x1 Ammo

Characters: http://daysofthedead.foromx.com/t68-kuba-deloriare-do
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